Life Insurance

Insure your life. Secure the future of your loved ones.Human life is subject to various kinds of risks. A life insurance policy insures against risks of death and disability due to natural and accidental causes. Insurance products provides a definite amount of money to the dependants of the insured person in case he dies during his active income earning period or becomes disabled on account of an accident causing reduction or complete loss in his earnings. Thus, buying an insurance policy is a wise move for every individual.Insurance can also be a form of savings in the long run if you choose the option of regular contribution in the policy. One can tie the entire plan with a pension plan or contribute to a pension that is funded by a life insurance company. There are many facets of a life insurance policy; like there are products that offer protection coupled with savings.

Why choose Life Insurance ?

  • Customized life insurance solutions to suit your preferences
  • Transparency at every transaction, and you are periodically updated on the latest happening
  • Flexibility of choices with features like systematic investment and regular withdrawal plans
  • Attractive tax advantage through varied scheme options to choose
  • Varied well-designed schemes to cater to individual needs